Developing Hanoverian Athletes in the Mind & the Body®

Paper Jam WHF (PJ) is a handsome North American Studbook gelding with a talent for jumping and a sweet, loving temperament.  

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Paper Jam WHF

2009 Chestnut North American Studbook Gelding
Topline Pedigree:           Paparazzo / Reel on Reel xx              (full pedigree below)
Mature Height:          16H
Potential:                 3'+ Jumper / Evening / Fox Hunting
Currently Schooling:    2'6" Jumping / 1st Level Dressage

Asking Price:            $12,000
Paper Jam WHF is a handsome and loving 2009 North American Studbook gelding by Paparazzo out of a Hanoverian approved Thoroughbred mare by Reel on Reel xx.   He is at his mature height of 15.3H.   "PJ" has 3 correct and comfortable to sit gaits and an exceptional jump technique.  He has super temperament on the ground building strong relationships with his care givers.  Under saddle, PJ is best partnered with a confident rider who has quiet hands and a patient, relaxed approach.   Given the right partner, PJ is expected to easily become a 3' hunter jumper.   He is also very adept on trails / meadows and would thoroughly enjoy a Fox Hunting career.

Paper Jam came to High Valley Hanoverians for re-training and to develop joy in his work via the HVH program “Developing Warmblood Athletes in the Mind & the Body®”. This program is known for producing quality young horses with exceptional foundation training, super physical condition due to the combined training and mountain hill work and have an exceptional work ethic due to being truly happy in their work. 
  • Qualified and Competed in the Spy Coast Farms Young Horse Series where he placed 3rd (nationally) in his division.

  • Dressage Foundation & Jump Training to 2'6"
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