Developing Hanoverian Athletes in the Mind & the Body®

High Valley Hanoverians has numerous Elite Hanoverian mares who produce and lovingly nurture exceptional Hanoverian foals.  

Ask about our custom foal option to obtain a foal by a sire of your choosing.

The HVH Broodmares

All HVH brood mares are specifically chosed for their pedigree, conformation, athleticism, temperament and ability to produce and lovingly nurture exceptional foals.   With one exception, all of the HVH dams are Elite Hanoverian mares (or on track for this status).   We also have an exceptional KWPN mare who was one of the highest scoring non-Hanoverian mares in the USA during her AHS mare approval.  

Most of these mares carry, produce and nurture their offspring.   We also have a few Elite performance mares who we breed more than once per season via embryo transfer to healthy recipient dams.

We breed to stallions that are similarly known for their charachter, conformation and athleticism.   Many of our clients choos a custom foal option that allow them to match one of their favorite stallions to one of or Elite Hanoverian mares.