Developing Hanoverian Athletes in the Mind & the Body®

High Valley Hanoverians enjoys keeping in touch with our youngsters who have been placed in loving homes.   Many of these youngsters have embarked on their performance careers and have become beloved equine partners with their owners.  

All remain in our thoughts and prayers and part of our extended family.

Horses Placed in Loving Homes

Dea Bella WHF
2010 KWPN Mare
Don Schufro / Royal Diamond
Owner:  Sally Miller (MO)
2012 Hanoverian Gelding
Quaterback / Bergkristall
Owner:  Leslie McDonald (OH)

High Voltage HVH

2012 Hanoverian Gelding

Harvard x EM Wruffian Q

Owner:  Nancy Stanton (OH)

Bossanova WHF
2011 Hanoverian Gelding
Benidetto x Happy Feet
Owner:  Lee Byrd (VA)
2010 Hanoverian Gelding
Fabuleux x Wunderstruck
Owner:  Sherry Brown (MD)
Patriot HVH
2009 Dark Bay Hanoverian Gelding
Pablo x SPS Fabel
Owner:  Leslie Hoffman

Hadrian HVH

2008 Bay Hanoverian Gelding

Hotline x EM Whitney

Owner:  JD Sosa (GA)

Remington HVH
2008 Black/Gray Oldenburg  Gelding
Rascalino x Mazurka
Owner: Andrea Lantz (SC)
Leonidas HVH
2007 Chestnut Hanoverian Gelding
Loerke x EM Fajita
Owner:  JD Sosa (GA)
Donnerfeld HVH
2005 Chestnut Hanoverian Gelding
Don Principe x EM Whitney
Owner:  Leslie Grant Albert (MD)
Faolan HVH
2004 Chestnut Hanoverian Gelding
Feinbrand x EM Whitney
Owner:  Annaliese Vogt-Harber
Winter's Knight HVH
2004 Black Hanoverian Gelding
Winterprinz x Inka
2004 Dark Bay Han. CoP Gelding
Arrian x Landango
Owner:  Laurie Higgins (PA)
Will Robinson
2003 Hanoverian Gelding
Widmark x EM Cassie
Watermark HVH
2012 Hanoverian Mare
Wamberto x EM Destria HVH
Owner:  Cyndy Mulligan (SC)

Dor L' Dor

2011 Hanoverian Mare

Dacaprio x Feinermint

Owner:  Candy Hennessy-Mensen (TX)

Dulcinea HVH

2010 Chestnut Hanoverian Mare

DeLaurentis x EM Wruffian


Owner:  Hope Chisar (OH)

Danica HVH

2010 Black Hanoverian Mare

DeLaurentis x Sorette


Owner:  Angela Munoz (TX)

Sariah HVH

2010 Dark Bay Hanoverian Mare

Sinatra Song x SPS Fabel


Owner:  Dawn Monroe (ID)

Hallelujah HVH
2009  Dark Bay Hanoverian Mare
Hotline x EM Wruffian Q
Owner:  Caroline Morgan (MO)


2009 ISR/Oldenburg Mare

Just the Best x Joule

Owner:  Leyla Nichols (LA)

Fabrianna HVH
2008 Bay Hanoverian Mare
Fabuleux x EM Fajita
Owner:  Rose Verch (GA)
Ebony HVH
2008 Black Hanoverian Mare
Escudo II x SPS Fabel
Owner:  Angela Munoz
2007 Hanoverian Elite Mare Candidate
Royal Prince x EM Wruffian Q
Owner:  Jane Frankel (OH)
Phaedra HVH
2007 Dark Bay Hanoverian Mare
Pablo x SPS Fabel
Owner:  Kathy Gurley (NC)
2007 Oldenburg Mare
Wallstreet Kid x Mazurka
Owner:  Angie Clark (NC)
Destria HVH
2006 Dark Bay Elite Mare
Don Principe x EM Whitney
Owner:  Karen Wesley (AL)
Rubina HVH
2006 Dark Bay Hanoverian EMC
Rubinero x SPS Fabel
Owner:  Ellen Klossen (MD)
Nadia HVH
2006 Chestnut Hanoverian EMC
Nocturno x EM Wruffian Q
Owner:  Monica Stanfield (GA)
2006 Gray Oldenburg Mare
Furst Gotthard x Mazurka
Owner:  Martha Bader (TX)
Welaina HVH
2006 Hanoverian CoP Mare
Weltbekannt x Landango
Owner:  Janina Vickers (MD)
2005 Chestnut Hanoverian Mare
Nocturno x EM Wruffian Q
Owner:  Kelly Slack (GA)
2004 Hanoverian Elite Eligible Mare
Domiron x SPS Winala
Owner: Leslie McDonald (OH)
2004 Bay Hanoverian CoP Mare
Winterprinz x Landango
Owner:  Ashley Hoffman
2001 Oldenburg Mare
Mannhattan x Benieth the Smoke xx
Owner:  Dara Lindner (TN)


1997 SPS Hanoverian Mare
Fabriano / Grand Galopin 

Owner:  Dawn Monroe (ID)