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Youngsters for Sale

All of the High Valley Hanoverian Young Horses have been specifically bred for both athleticism and superior temperament / trainability.   We match our Elite Hanoverian brood mares and performance mares to exceptional dressage stallions that complement those mares.   Once on the ground, the HVH young horses become well-socialized and begin ground training at an early which develops superior trainability and quiet confidence.  The youngsters are in 24x7 turnout in play groups to maximize development and develop a playful spirit.  These youngsters are handled twice a day every day and enjoy superior nutrition, exceptional farrier care and top notch management and veterinary care.   Due to development factors, the HVH Youngsters under the age of 2.5 years do not have Xrays on file.

Prices listed are subject to change given increased training and accomplishments.   We endeavor to keep the website pricing current. 
Determination HVH
2016 Hanoverian Gelding
Danciano x Sorette
Diamanti HVH
2017 Hanoverian Mare
Devon Heir x EM Wruffian Q
Der Mondschatten HVH
2017 Hanoverian Gelding
Don Frederico x EM Rebellienne HVH
Der Sternschnuppe HVH
2017 Hanoverian Gelding
Don Frederico x EM Rebellienne HVH