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Danica HVH is a beautiful black mare with a mild temperament, easy to sit gaits and a willing approach to her under saddle work.  She has an excellent dressage pedigree and is a great candidate for an Adult Amateur who is seeking an uncomplicated dressage partner for mid- to upper-level dressage. 

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Danica HVH

2010 Black/Brown Hanoverian Elite Eligible Mare
Topline Pedigree:          DeLaurentis x Sorette                       (full pedigree below)
Mature Height:          16.2H
Potential:                Mid-Upper Level Dressage
Currently Schooling:    Training / 1st Level Dressage

Asking Price:            Placed with Angela Munoz (TX)
Danica HVH is an elegant and talented 2010 black/brown Hanoverian mare with FEI dressage potential and exceptional temperament. Danica comes by her dressage talent naturally via her exquisite pedigree. Her sire, DeLaurentis (DeNiro), is well known for his excellent temperament, beauty and movement. Highlights of DeLaurentis’ stallion licensing included 9’s for character, temperament, willingness and constitution. He also demonstrated exceptional movement with a 9+ for his walk and 8+ for trot and canter. Danica’s dam line includes Metall (Olympic Ferro) who is well known for his piaffe and passage as well as dressage legends, Donnerhall and Rosenkavlier (sire of Rubinstein).

Danica will mature to 16.2H+ and has natural beauty, grace and elegance. She has 3 correct gaits that are easy-to-sit, nicely forward thinking and delightfully sensitive. With her outstanding trainability and rideability, coupled with her gaits and elegance she will clearly interest both amateur and professional riders. Danica was born, raised and has been trained at High Valley Hanoverians. She was backed in Jan.2013 and has been in full professional training since that time in the unique High Valley Hanoverians program “Developing Hanoverian Athletes in the Mind & the Body”™. This program is known for producing quality young dressage horses with a rock-solid dressage foundation, are in super physical condition due to the combined training and mountain hill work and have an exceptional work ethic due to being truly happy in their work. Danica is flourishing in this program and is well on her way to demonstrating her dressage performance potential. She is ready to go to a performance home where she will prove to be an uncomplicated and talented equine partner. As a secondary breeding career later down the road, Danica has been accepted in to the Main Studbook of the American Hanoverian Society and is Eligible for Elite Mare Status. 
  • Quietly backed Jan.2013 / Full professional training since that time
  • Approved for Hanoverian Breeding with an elite eligible score of 7.0
  • Score of 76% in Yearling Filly Class at Dressage at Lexington

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Walk / Trot / Canter  Jun.2013
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